What’s going to work? Teamwork!

My 5 year-old daughter, Holly, used to watch a show called “The Wonder Pets.”  If you have never seen the Wonder Pets, you are not missing anything.  However, I think it does have a recurring theme that applies to our day-to-day work environment.  In every episode, Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming get a call on their tin can phone from an animal in distress.  Then, they fly away in their fly boat to be the heroes and save the day. At the beginning of each rescue, one of the three will try to save the animal all by themselves.   In the end, they always find out that they have to work together to save the day.  Holly is a “growing-up” now (as she says) so she no longer watches the Wonder Pets but I don’t think I will ever forget the end of the show’s theme song:  What’s going to work? Teamwork!  What’s going to work? Team—-work!  In a two to three person office, teamwork is essential.  If two or three employees in each office can’t work together as a team, achieving goals will almost be impossible.  To put it another way, there is a direct link between teamwork and the success of our company.  Remember there is no “I” in teamwork so let’s all work together and save the day!

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More


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No Symptoms Here!

I’m sure at some point you have heard someone say they have a case of  The Mondays.  This was a term made popular by the movie Office Space, which I highly reccommend watching.  The term refers to someone starting their week off dragging or in a bad mood. 

I started this Monday off by traveling to a few offices with Kim and Janna as they did mid-year reviews.  Apparently employees of Montgomery Enterprises are immune to The Mondays.   We visited 5 offices throughout the day and I didn’t see anyone with symptoms of The Mondays.  What I did notice was clean offices with smiling faces and good customer service.  It really helped get my week off to a good start.  I believe good attitudes are just as contagious as The Mondays so lets continue to spread these attitudes throughout the company.

Have a good day…Louis

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Phase One Signage

We recently began phase one of our name change by changing out the signs at the Fulton and and Macon offices.  We have about three offices to go to complete the first phase and the rest of the offices will be completed after three to four more phases.  We have already had many compliments on the new logo from friends and customers here in Fulton.  Once we get all the offices under the new name and logo it should help with marketing and branding tremendously.

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business.”  Sign Salesman

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Another Leadership Class

  Yesterday, Louis, Shane, the Area Managers and I had lunch with the graduating class of our most recent Montgomery Enterprises Leadership Skills Course for new hires.  After lunch we enjoyed getting to hear what all they were able to take away from the class and also to see the projects they had been working on for the past few weeks.  Rubye Del, the class facilitator, does a great job in bringing out the best in the class participants and this class was certainly no exception.  Congratulations ladies! 

Claire Darty, Amy Alexander, Alise Dill, Elisha Hopkins, Juanita Smith, Rebecca Davis, Tiffany Walker

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Have you audited lately?

While some individuals try to get by doing as little work as possible, others possess a commitment that leads them to give it their all every day.  General George Patton once said “always do more than is required of you.”  This is a characteristic that I see in many of our employees as I travel from office to office, and I would like to applaud all of you for that.  Hopefully, the audit reports that some of you have already received are beneficial and will be a tool to help you in identifying areas that need improvement.  As I learn more, my goal is to continually find ideas and methods so that we can all improve.  The idea of “auditing yourself” is one concept I recommend that all of you do when time permits.  The benefits of performing an audit of your own store will help you to:

  • Catch errors early
  • Look for trends in errors being made
  • Ensure compliance with state regulation
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies

Some offices already do this and it definitely shows during an audit.  I will be happy to work with all of you on a system that you can use to perform a quick audit of your store.  Remember mistakes are to be used for a good purpose – to show us what we need to learn!


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Why Training?

We spent most of the day yesterday doing some training at the Fulton office with some of our managers from our Alabama stores.  If you have been with the company very long you have probably participated in some type of training or professional development.  After leaving our training session yesterday, which happened to be on gold buying, I found myself not only more knowledgeable but also very energized.  I found an article on Yahoo.com by Kori Rodley Irons that backs up my thought about the importance and byproducts of training.  I have included a couple of paragraphs below.  I hope you enjoy it and become “Infused with Energy” as the article states.

Here are some of the reasons why employee training is so important…

The innovation, flexibility, and dedication that are necessary to build truly dynamic companies come from well-trained and supported employees. One of the best ways to encourage and support individuals in your workforce is through professional development and training opportunities. As employees develop new skills, increase networking and represent the company out in the larger world, and develop leadership opportunities, the business work environment becomes infused with energy and creativity.

Sending employees to training opportunities, or bringing opportunities into the company, actually infuses a business with new ideas and creative ways of solving old problems. Sometimes, just getting employees out of the day-to-day grind of their everyday work schedule is enough to jump-start energy and encourage employees to recommit to their jobs and the company. But learning new skills and interacting with new and different people has a direct impact on the productivity and development of the work environment.

Have a great day…..Louis

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“Life’s not just being alive, but being well.” -Martial


Our insurance provider, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, has many benefits for its members from a Nurse Advice Line, a call center staffed with registered nurses that answer questions and give advice on healthcare decisions that may save you time and unnecessary medical expenses, to a free smoking cessation program to help you quit smoking.

Another of these benefits is a program called Healthy You!Healthy You! is a wellness benefit that provides you and your covered dependents an annual wellness visit with your doctor or nurse practitioner as long as they are in the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Network.  Your visit is paid 100% with no deductible, copay or coinsurance but you must tell the provider that it is your Healthy You! visit.

Covered wellness screenings and immunizations are based on age and gender guidelines to ensure you receive the screenings you need to “know your numbers” and manage your health risks, both at an early age and as you get older.  For example, females aged 18 + can get free pap smears, pelvic exams and breast exams, while females 35 + can also get free mammograms as a part of their Healthy You! visit.

For more information about what is covered and available benefits go to www.bcbsms.com.



Greatest Birthday Present

Teresa Hughes is the manager of our Reform store. She recently had a birthday on August 2nd. Instead of the usual flowers, card, or a small gift, she was gifted with a lifetime gift. Jimmy Curry asked for her hand in marriage and she accepted. They will be wed on September 15th, 2012. Congratulations Teresa and Jimmy! We wish you the best for many years to come…..Tracie

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Cruising to Victory?

One of the figures that we are tracking closely this year is the “write off to income” by each individual office.  We have even developed quarterly competitions to help keep each office focused on this important figure.  This morning I just wanted to remind everyone that not only do we have the quarterly write off competitions going but each time your office hits its quarterly goal then your name goes into the pot for the grand prize drawing which will be awarded at the Christmas party this year.  I think we had mentioned something about “cruising to victory” maybe?  Anyway, I just wanted to remind everybody about the importance of working to maintain acceptable write off figures. 

The “write off to income” figure is VERY important.  Often, when we see offices struggling financially it is  most commonly due to lack of proper collections.   Good luck with your collections and hopefully we will see you on stage at the Christmas party.

I hope everyone has a great week! — Luke

“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”  Richard Sheridan

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Blog Updates

A blog intended to entertain, educate and inform the employees of Montgomery Enterprises.  This is the mission of our company blog as posted in the top corner of this page.  We feel that the blog is a vital communication tool for our company.  We certainly hope we are fulfilling this mission, but we are always looking for ways to improve everything we do.  We are making a few small changes going forward.  You will notice several more people posting on the blog about different subjects and we will always have a fresh post daily.  I encourage you to make it a daily habit to check the blog and encourage other employees in your office to do the same. 

Hope everyone has a good Friday!



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