US Gold & Silver Brokers

Over the past few weeks Louis and I have been spending a great deal of time preparing for the opening of a new business for our company. . . US Gold & Silver Brokers Inc.  This new business will be located in Tupelo at a great location we were able to purchase just off the Crosstown intersection.  At US Gold and Silver Brokers we will purchase gold and silver in most any form whether it be scrap gold, silverware or gold and silver coins.  Separating us from many of these Cash 4 Gold places will be the fact that we can also sell gold and silver in bullion form to our customers.  We have worked to build a network of contacts across the country that allows us to purchase gold and silver at highly competitive rates that will allow us to compete price-wise with the national internet companies while offering friendly face to face service. 

We have worked up a strategic advertising and marketing campaign that we are proud of that is set to begin the day after Thanksgiving.  Our website is close to completion and once it is finished we will post the web address so you can get a better picture of what our new business is all about.

We were hoping to post a picture of the building today but, unfortunately, we are still waiting on the sign company to show up.  We will update everyone as we move forward with getting the business open. . . hopefully, this Thursday.

Make today a great day! — Luke

“For success, attitude is equally important as ability.”  Harry F. Banks

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