We are growing again!

Dear MEI Employees-

As our Vision and Values Statement mentions, Montgomery Enterprises is a company dedicated to growth. Well, we are excited to say that we are on the grow again!

As some of you may have already heard through the grapevine, MEI just purchased a chain of six payday/title stores from a local owner in Mississippi.
The locations are in Batesville, Charleston, Marks, Sardis, Pontotoc and Ripley. Their footprint matches well with our current location layout and will
be a good fit for strategic growth.

There is much work to do over the next couple of weeks for the executive team and employees of the new offices in order to get through the transition. Once things calm down
we will get the new office and employee information out. Hopefully you can reach out to the new MEI employees at that time and wish them luck and welcome them to the company. We hope you share in our excitement!

All the Best-


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Anniversary Milestone Luncheon

Pictured left to right: Luke Montgomery, Rachel Soper, Jana Humphries, Rhonda Vernon, Demika Ross, Johnna Coffey, Angela Blankenship, Deborah Wood, Susan Sudduth, Sonia O’Conner, Louis Lee and Wendy Watson.

Anniversary Milestones:
11 Years – Wendy Watson, Money Matters, Macon, MS
11 Years – Demika Ross, Money Matters, Aberdeen, MS
10 Years – Johnna Coffey, Money Matters, Amory, MS
10 Years – Jana Humphries, Accounting
10 Years – Rhonda Vernon, Money Matters, Macon, MS
9 Years – Angela Blankenship, Money Matters, Baldwyn, MS
8 Years – Sonia O’Conner, Money Matters, Horn Lake, MS
8 Years – Deborah Wood, Money Matters, Belmont, MS
6 Years – Susan Sudduth, Money Matters, Fayette, AL
5 Years – Louis Lee, Vice President, MEI
5 Years – Rachel Soper, Controller

Thank you each for your hard work and dedication to Montgomery Enterprises. – Luke

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