Points to Ponder

When I was a little kid my grandmother “took in” the Reader’s Digest.  I always enjoyed reading it because the short articles, jokes and quotes made it perfect for an energetic kid with a short attention span.  One of my favorite sections was entitled “Points to Ponder” and included several thought provoking quotes.  I think that is where I got my love of quotes.  I hope you appreciate these as much as I do.  —Luke

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”  Mark Twain

“Great achievement is usually the result of great sacrifice, and never the result of selfishness.”  Napoleon Hill

“My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.”  Aristotle

“Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.”  Helen Keller

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”  Vince Lombardi

“Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death.”  Ayn Rand

“Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.”  Abdul Kalam

“Outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend.  Inside of a dog it is too dark to read.”  Groucho Marx 


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Congrats to the following stores for hitting their 2nd quarter goals Coldwater, Fulton, Hamilton, Reform, Kosciusko, and Vernon.  You should be receiving your 3rd quarter goals in the next couple of weeks.!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th…Louis

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Making a Match at Money Matters

If you have ever visited with Hope and Deborah in Belmont, you know that they practically wrote the book on customer service and their customers love them in return. A couple of weeks ago, I happen to be in the office when a title customer came in beaming with happiness as she talked about how well her current relationship was going and how excited she was about the future. What I didn’t know at the time was that Hope and Deborah were the matchmakers! Of course, I had to get the scoop on this one! Hope said that she always came in the store talking about how she was tired of not being treated right and how she needed Hope and Deborah to find her a good guy. Well, Hope and Deborah started thinking of who they knew and thought of a customer on the check side who was always so nice and respectful. They told her about him and she was interested….. they told him about her and he was interested. It turns out he had not dated anyone in eight years! They started face booking each other, then talking on the phone and now planning their future together. If you could have only seen the look of happiness on that customer’s face that day….

Thanks to Hope and Deborah for sharing this story with me and for the great work that both of you do!



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I Just Want a Trophy

hayden pic 1Kandi’s son Hayden celebrated his 1st Tee Ball season this week with a swim party. From day one, Hayden said ” all I want is the trophy”.  Hayden is right, all teams do want a trophy and share a common goal – to succeed and win.  Working together is often challenging, but with hard work, dedication and comradery your team will succeed.



“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”  – Babe Ruth

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Enjoyable Day

I wanted to piggy back on Louis’s post from this past Monday by thanking all of those who were able to attend the employee outing this past weekend at Geyser Falls.  Personally, I think it was one of our most fun since we started having the annual event over ten years ago.

I especially want to thank Janna and Kim for putting the day together for everybody.  Much more work goes into making such events possible than many people recognize.  It takes a lot of effort to make large productions look so effortless!

As was mentioned in my brief speech last Saturday, it takes great employees to build a great company.   I am thankful to have the human resources we need to continue building a bigger and better company.  —   Luke

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”  Doug Firebough

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Employee Appreciation Day 2013 – Geyser Falls


EAD 2013




It was good to see everyone at the Employee Appreciation Day this weekend.

I really enjoyed riding the slides and most of all getting see everyone and meet many of your families.  Below is a group picture that was taken during lunch.  I hope everyone has a great day…..Louis

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It’s the Little Things that Count

I’ve heard it said so many times that it’s the little things in life that count the most.  I have also found this to be true with customer service.  During a recent visit to Southaven, a customer mentioned to Sonia that she was having issues with her iphone.  Sonia asked her if she had visited the Apple store and the customer said that she did not know where one was in the area.  Sonia told here where she thought it was and looked up the phone number for her.  I could tell by the expression on the customer’s face that she was so appreciative of the help as getting her phone fixed was very important to her.  Although this was a “little” gesture, it reminded me that the little things do count the most and can be the very thing a customer will remember.  I guarantee you that the next time this customer needs one of the services we offer, our store will be the first place she visits.  Good job Sonia! Michelle, I hope your vacation was fun.  I am sure you know that the office was in good hands while you were gone.  The audit was perfect – Keep up the good work ladies!

Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, that additional few minutes, that word of praise or thanks, that delivery of the very best that you can do.


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The Truth

My wife and I moved into a new house about two months ago.  As most of you probably know from past experiences, there are many headaches associated with moving.  I have had more phone conversations with utility companies, furniture companies, movers, and handymen than I care to recall.

I would rate the overall customer service I have received from most of these companies very average.  I have had a difficult time with one particular furniture company making false promises and continually missing their delivery date.  This company has promised delivery of my furniture “next week” for the past 3 weeks.  The manager of this company has been avoiding what he sees as a difficult conversation with me by giving me a delivery date that his company has yet to fulfill.

This example reminds me that being truthful with our customers is part of giving great customer service.  When companies tell customers what they want to hear to avoid a difficult conversation it almost always leads to a more difficult conversation down the road.  I have heard from several of our consultants that customer service nationwide is on a decline.  My moving experience has reiterated this to me.  As a company, we should view this as an even greater opportunity to stand out with exceptional customer service.

Have  a good day……Louis

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Under New Management?

One of my favorite hobbies over the last few years has been running.  If the weather is right then odds are you will find me on the local track or attending some running event in the area.  My chosen hobby has led me to become one of the more frequent customers of the local sports apparel businesses in the area.  After a trip to one over the weekend I couldn’t help but wonder if it was under new management.

I mainly deal with two sporting goods stores in the area.  One is a locally owned business where I buy my shoes and really anything else I can find there but this store is limited in selection.   Due to the limited selection at the local store I also shop at a big box sporting goods store that has a huge selection of running apparel.  And until this past weekend it has had some of the worst customer service around.

I had been highly critical of this big box retailer, especially the lack of staff attention.  Until recently it was possible to spend upwards of an hour in the store without ever being acknowledged by a “team member”.  Most of the time the “team” was huddled up discussing the latest store gossip.  However, this past weekend it was much different.

In my trip this past weekend to the big box sporting goods store my goal was to buy a pair of shorts and nothing more.  After picking out a new pair of running shorts I decided to make a loop around the store to kill a little time and also see what was new.  To my surprise and amazement I was approached by five team members and asked if I needed assistance.  What was even more impressive was that the staff actually went out of their way to speak to me.  It wasn’t the old “within three feet and eye contact rule”.  Now, each time I was approached I told them that I was “just looking” but it made me much happier be in their store knowing they seemed to appreciate my business.

In the past, each time I was at the register at the big box store I would usually be shaking my head and gritting my teeth wondering why I was spending money with someone with such awful customer service.  But not this last time.  I actually had a smile on my face.

The moral of the story here is to make sure you do your best to put a smile on your customers’ faces.  Make sure they know they are appreciated.

Have a great week. — Luke

“Consumers are statistics.  Customers are people.”  Stanley Marcus-Chairman of Neiman Marcus

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Leadership Class

I’m going to have lunch and meet with our current leadership class today.  I’m looking forward to spending a couple of hours listening to the advancements this current class is making in their communication and leadership skills.  Most employees have been through some type of leadership training over the last year.  It has been very exciting to watch as these participants grow and polish skills that can advance them not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of their life.  I always leave these meeting re-energized after seeing positive attitudes and eagerness to learn.  I’m sure today will be no different!

Have a great day…..Louis

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