Continuous Improvement

On Friday’s blog, Louis mentioned that we had a business consultant visit our home offices last week.  Most everyone who met with the consultant is thankful for the wealth of knowledge we were able to gain from his many years of professional experience.

This week we are in Savannah, GA attending a “Twenty Group” meeting in an effort to improve our “buy here pay here” dealerships.  The “Twenty Group” is made up of, suprisingly, twenty “buy here pay here” dealers from across the country who meet three times a year to compare financials, sales figures, customer service standards and a variety of other information in an effort to improve our given businesses.  No matter how good we think we are doing in business we always find we have much more to learn.

Some people complain of “constant change” but we prefer to look at it as “continuous improvement”.  If you are not moving forward then you are actually falling behind.

I hope everyone has a successful week. — Luke

“Improvement begins with I”.  Arnold Glasgow

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