Welcome to 2013

I am honored to write the very first blog of 2013!  I hope that all of you had a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and pray that all of you will be abundantly blessed in 2013.  A few tips for making 2013 your best year that I would like to share:

1.  Let’s all see our mistakes made in 2012 as lessons learned and move on.

2 .  Focus on what you are thankful for – instead of focusing on New Years Resolutions, why not start the year with any empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen.  Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what all good stuff happened that year.

3.  Surround yourselves with positive people.

4.    Pencil in time on your calendar just for yourself.

5.  Share your blessing with others.

Last but not least, savor the journey!!  I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


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  1. Michelle & Michele

    Nice tips Rachel…Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

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