Three Special Steps

Both of my girls love to watch a show called “Special Agent Oso.”  In every episode, a child realizes that he or she does not know how to do something such as hit a baseball, play duck duck goose, wrap a birthday present or say goodbye to a best friend.  Special Agent Oso will then receive a special alert on his palm pilot and immediately go to the rescue of the child.  His palm pilot will always break down the solution to the problem into three special steps.  The song to go along with the three special steps goes something like this:  “Three special steps, that’s all you need. Three special steps, and you’ll succeed.”  I’ve often thought to myself that it would be nice if every task we do or every problem we must solve could be completed in three special steps.  Not long ago, I visited our Fayette location and noticed that Christie and Rachel were using a dry erase board in the back of the store to condense a very important part of our day to day operations into three steps.  In my mind, I immediately starting singing…..”three special steps, that’s all you need.”  Yes, I have probably been watching too much Disney Jr. but I thought their idea was awesome.   We have all discussed the importance of keeping daily to-do lists so the dry erase board is just another way for them to keep the status of an important task in the forefront of their minds.  Our Vernon store also uses the dry erase board but for a different task.  All four of these ladies do an awesome job and I am sure that any one of them would be willing to share their ideas for use of the dry erase board.  Thanks to Christie, Rachel, Charlon and Susan for all the good work that they do!!


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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Great post Rachel and thanks ladies for taking the initiative. Rachel has actually bragged on your boards in our meetings.

  2. Shauna Clark

    It is funny that you post about “oso” because i have had that song stuck in my head since we watched it last night! Myles loves that show and i always complain about watching it, but i have never looked at it in this perspective. It is very interesting that the shows our kids watch can also teach us a few things… 🙂

  3. Gladys Hutchison

    I Love that!! It is a great idea, thanks for sharing that with us.:)

  4. Michelle & Michele

    Way to go Vernon & Fayette…That is a great idea to make sure you stay on top on things! Thanks for sharing Rachel!! And this show is watched daily at my house too 🙂

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