The Truth

My wife and I moved into a new house about two months ago.  As most of you probably know from past experiences, there are many headaches associated with moving.  I have had more phone conversations with utility companies, furniture companies, movers, and handymen than I care to recall.

I would rate the overall customer service I have received from most of these companies very average.  I have had a difficult time with one particular furniture company making false promises and continually missing their delivery date.  This company has promised delivery of my furniture “next week” for the past 3 weeks.  The manager of this company has been avoiding what he sees as a difficult conversation with me by giving me a delivery date that his company has yet to fulfill.

This example reminds me that being truthful with our customers is part of giving great customer service.  When companies tell customers what they want to hear to avoid a difficult conversation it almost always leads to a more difficult conversation down the road.  I have heard from several of our consultants that customer service nationwide is on a decline.  My moving experience has reiterated this to me.  As a company, we should view this as an even greater opportunity to stand out with exceptional customer service.

Have  a good day……Louis

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  1. Michelle & Michele

    Great reminder….thanks for sharing Louis!

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