The next HGTV Star may be among us…..

I have never been a huge HGTV fan only because I have no talent when it comes to decorating or do-it-yourself projects.  The same cannot be said for one of the managers that I visited with several weeks ago.  Ms. Felicia Gilleylen at our Okolona store had not only added several wall decorations on her own but she and Erin had cleaned the store top to bottom.  I thought the inside of the store looked awesome so I wanted to recognize both of them on the blog.   For those of you who know Felicia, you know she is always dressed to a tee and has a personality that everyone loves.  I can easily see her on her own HGTV show.  Add our own area manager, Janna Tolar, with all her talent and projects that she does and it would be a smash hit!

Oh, and I must mention that Felecia and Erin had a perfect audit.  Way to go Ladies!!


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  1. Janna K Tolar

    How ironic is it that I am actually in Okolona today! Thank you Rachel for recognizing these two ladies. Erin screamed, “Yay we made it on the blog” and Felicia is strutting around the office saying she is Miss HGTV. Great job Felicia and Erin!

  2. Tracy Floyd

    Great job Felicia and Erin. I agree with you Rachel, Felicia and Janna would make a great show with all that fabulous talent 🙂

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