The Importance of Acknowledgement

This past weekend, I had to go to a new pharmacy because the one I had been using no longer accepted my insurance. I was not upset about leaving the pharmacy I had been using because the customer service was so bad I had actually completed an online survey (which I never do)!  I walked into the new pharmacy right when the sign said the pharmacy part of the store opened. Ten minutes later….they finally opened the windows. Then, the pharmacist and a pharmacy technician went about their business putting up inventory and answering the phones never once acknowledging that I was standing only a few feet away. When they finally came and talked to me, I explained that I needed to transfer a prescription and that I would be back later. I was so livid at this point that I had to leave. When I came back, the same scenario replayed out again. The technician got on the phone and the pharmacist typed away at her computer. I started to wonder if I had invisibility powers….after all the technician was wearing a shirt that said “we love our customers” wasn’t she? Needless to say, my husband starts a new job in April and I hope our insurance will allow me to go to elsewhere….hopefully somewhere where they truly do love their customers.
My first job was working at a pharmacy with a drive-thru window. I was terribly shy but my uncle, the pharmacist, stressed to me that when a customer came in the door or through the drive-thru window that I was to immediately acknowledge them. Not only did I overcome my shyness but I also learned the importance of an acknowledgement. It doesn’t take much; a simple “I will be with you shortly” will do. It makes the customer feel welcome and important.  So, even on busy days or when you are having a bad day, just remember a simple acknowledgement can make a significant difference.


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  1. Dorrice Griffin

    I love this! A simple smile and a hello go a long way! If this happens to me twice at a business I will no longer go there!

  2. Gladys Hutchison

    I completely know how you feel. To walk into a place of business and not even be acknowledged it a horrible feeling. I make sure I say hello as soon as I hear the bell go off on my front door. I am with Dorrice on that no longer going back. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to ALWAYS put the customer first, even when we are crazy busy..

  3. Janna K Tolar

    Thanks for sharing Rachel! Great blog!

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