The Extra Mile

I saw a sign recently that said “It’s never crowded along the extra mile” and I immediately thought of many of you that I have observed going the extra mile for your customers.  Recent examples I have observed included Janet in Aliceville cleaning the popcorn machine because she had promised one customer that she would make them some popcorn….. Teresa in Reform listening to and offering words of encouragement to customers as they spoke of loved ones who were sick…. and many others.

I want to especially thank those of you who so graciously went the extra mile in helping me in the process of updating our company policy and procedure manuals.  I know many of you would have helped me if asked but these ladies were called upon and never complained when I asked questions or e-mailed them a portion of the manual to edit for me.  To April Moore who helped me start the process back in June during my first week on the job and to Julie Snow, Chelsea Wooley, Michelle Williams, Michelle Parker, Kristy King, Amanda Johnson and last but not least Tracy Floyd……you girls were awesome!!  Tracy, a special thanks to you for allowing me to sit in your office for several days asking questions and having you show me step by step processes on the computer.  Kim, Janna and Tracie,  a special thanks to all of you for reviewing the manuals and helping me with final edits.  Kandi and Jon Jon, a special thanks to both of you for helping me compile the completed product for presentation at my leadershipship class.

Going the extra mile is what makes this company so great so let’s all keep it up!


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  1. Michelle and Michele

    We are so proud to be a part of the MEI team!

  2. Luke Montgomery

    Thanks for doing such a great job Rachel. That was a huge undertaking. Thanks also to all of you who helped with this very important project.

  3. Tracy Floyd

    Thanks for the recognition Rachel. I really enjoyed working with you and I have to agree with Michelle and Michele I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful MEI team 🙂

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