Here is a little daily inspiration for you.

Teamwork…one word that will define success in any company or athletic group. But if you had to pick the ultimate team, how could you not pick the world-renowned flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels?

Today, you’re about to enjoy a 3 minute inspirational movie about the Blue Angels that truly captures the essence of The Power of Teamwork.

So turn up the speakers, sit back and enjoy! And just one more thing – don’t forget to PAY IT FORWARD by sharing it with friends, co-workers and especially…your team.





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  1. JonJon

    Powerful video. I’m definitely ready to take off and reach new levels of success!!!

  2. Jana House

    Great blog Meredith, it gets you pumped up and ready to take on the day with a new attitude!

  3. Gladys Hutchison

    Great blog Meredith, gets you worked up to do the best at everything. I LOVE blogs like this that are so motivating.. Thanks for sharing it with us

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