Super Successful People

I was recently looking through Forbes magazine when a title of an article caught my attention, “5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM.”  I have always considered myself somewhat of a “morning person” and who isn’t trying to be super successful so I decided to read the article. The five ways are:

1. Exercise

2. Map Out Your Day

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

4. Visualization

5. Make Your Day Top Heavy

Out of these five things I realized I only do two or three on a regular basis. This past week I have made an effort to do as many of these as possible. I have found that the more of them I accomplish before 8 AM the smoother my day goes. I have gotten more work done and had more free time when I got home. This article really motivated me to wake up earlier and get a head start on the day, in return I feel much more successful at the end of the day. I hope you will start using these tips in order to become a super successful person.

“The best time to get ahead is while others are sleeping.”

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  1. Jana House

    Really good tips!! I need to start doing all of those

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