Each time I visit Amory CTE, I always love to see what April has drawn on the board as you walk in the front of the store.  For this blog, I thought I would share her most recent creation.  All three ladies at this store do an awesome job.  I am not only impressed by their strong work ethic and ability to continually succeed but I am also very thankful for their friendship.  Good job ladies – a perfect audit, lots of laughs and Bic Macs.  Does it get any better? – Rachel460

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  1. Michelle Williams

    Looks good April! Y’all make a wonderful team!!!

  2. amanda

    love it April….you girls are the bomb!

  3. Chelsea Caygle

    Awesome job ladies! They are so sweet and deserve all the recognition they get!

  4. Shauna Clark

    There is a lot of “craftiness” in that office! cute board gals!

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