I spent several hours traveling alone this weekend so I decided to take advantage of our library here at the Fulton office and use my time in the car to listen to a couple of audio books.  One of the authors has written a few books on his study of successful businesses and the employees that make those businesses successful.

The author has discovered that the most successful people in business identify and capitalize on their strengths.  So often our human nature directs us to focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths.  To achieve the highest level of success, we must push this urge away and focus on capitalizing upon our strengths.  Start today by making a list of your individual strengths.  How can you use these strengths at work today?  Also, what are the strengths of your co-workers?  How can you pair your strengths with them to make your team more successful?

I believe if we focus on our strengths and think about the three questions above we can all be more successful.

Have a great Tuesday…..Louis

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.”  Thomas Merton

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