Store Visits

We are starting a practice this month where all employees from the home office will spend one full working day a month in one of our stores.  The purpose of these visits is to help everyone in the home office better understand the daily operations that are carried out in each of our businesses.  The visits will also help the home office employees understand how they can better assist the stores and see how their daily duties can be improved to benefit the operations of the stores.  Home office employees will be filling out forms communicating what they learned from each visit.  I look forward to us getting better as individuals and a company as a result of these visits.

The most successful businesses have an idea for the future that’s very different from the present. -Peter Thiel


Have a great week—Louis

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  1. Tommy Sims

    I know this will be a great learning experience for everyone.

  2. Gladys Hutchison

    Great idea, look forward to it 🙂

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