Quarterly Meeting-Goals

I’m spending the morning preparing for our quarterly strategic planning meeting which will take place next Monday.  In this meeting our management team identifies problems, sets goals, and develops a timeline to accomplish these goals for the upcoming quarter.  We review our goals and the timeline at our biweekly staff meetings.  We have found having these goals in writing and knowing they will be reviewed at the staff meetings helps everyone stay on task to accomplish their goals.  I encourage you to take up this practice in your office.  Start small- pick one or two goals you would like to accomplish this quarter.  Map out a timeline with the dates by which you will accomplish your goals. Lastly, share these goals with your coworkers so they can help hold you accountable.  I think you will find this practice will aid you in accomplishing your goals.

Have a great Tuesday…Louis

All wise men share one trait in common: the ability to listen. -Frank Tyger

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