Open to Change

Be Flexible and Open to Change

By: Melinda Howard Erickson

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the fortune.” – John F. Kennedy

When you get used to something, when it’s always been there and you count on it always being there, it’s often very uncomfortable when it changes. The longer something is a certain way, the more people expect, and want, it to remain the same. They become content and sometimes even complacent.

But things usually change for a reason. Maybe something wasn’t working properly and was out of date, or perhaps a better way of doing it came along. Or maybe something simply could be improved and was changed.

If something has already changed there is probably nothing you can do about it and it’s a waste of time to fight it or feel sorry or wonder why. Be flexible. And try to imagine all the good things that might happen as a result of change. The Feeling if uncertainty with a new situation is normal. Don’t be quick to judge a new position or set of circumstances. You could miss out on a great experience! Snap judgments may prevent you from having opportunities and experiences that are very positive and beneficial to your future.

Work environments are always changing. It’s difficult to imagine doing your job without computers, PDA’s cell phones, voicemail, email, fax machines, copy machines, and other devices. Yet at one time it was hard for many people to adjust to them, the same people who now can’t imagine life as it “use to be”!

Life is always changing. The more easily you can adapt, the more successful, happy, and appreciated you will be.

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