We all remember the stress we deal with when we begin a new job. Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to how a company brings along new employees. From the moment our new employees walk through our doors they will be evaluating our company and formulating their opinions.  Research has demonstrated that positive onboarding leads to positive outcomes for new employees such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, reduction in stress and intent to quit. Let’s all work hard to make a good first impression with our new employees by welcoming them to the team. – Will

 “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford


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  1. LaTessa Blissard

    Great post Will! This is absolute true! I can honestly say that being a new employee with this company has been great so far. Everyone I have met has been absolutely wonderful and most helpful! I look forward to the future with Montgomery Enterprises.

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