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There has been a lot of focus on our Vision and Values statement as we have started 2014.  Much of the discussion has centered around making sure we are living by our values on a daily basis in everything we do with Montgomery Enterprises.

I spent last Thursday sitting in on P&L reviews with Janna in all district one offices.  There was one value that stood out that every office was living by.  Cleanliness- Out of respect for our customers and ourselves, our locations will be shining examples of cleanliness and attention to detail.  All of the offices were neat, organized, had no trash in the parking lot, and signage was updated and displayed in a professional manner.  Great job district one on living this value!

A large part of virtue consists in good habits.-William Paley

Have a productive day….Louis

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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Great Job District One! Way to Be a Shining Example!

  2. Dorrice Griffin

    Hope we made y’all proud! 🙂

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