No Symptoms Here!

I’m sure at some point you have heard someone say they have a case of  The Mondays.  This was a term made popular by the movie Office Space, which I highly reccommend watching.  The term refers to someone starting their week off dragging or in a bad mood. 

I started this Monday off by traveling to a few offices with Kim and Janna as they did mid-year reviews.  Apparently employees of Montgomery Enterprises are immune to The Mondays.   We visited 5 offices throughout the day and I didn’t see anyone with symptoms of The Mondays.  What I did notice was clean offices with smiling faces and good customer service.  It really helped get my week off to a good start.  I believe good attitudes are just as contagious as The Mondays so lets continue to spread these attitudes throughout the company.

Have a good day…Louis

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