Name that Customer

In the world of customer service, remembering your customer’s name and details of their lives are crucial to maintaining a high level of service.  A couple of weeks ago I filled in at Hamilton to help Michelle on a busy Friday and witnessed first hand this level of service.  Before I even saw a customer about to enter the store, Michelle already had their customer card pulled in order to process their transaction.  She greeted every single customer that walked in the store by name.  Before the day was over, I felt like I was on a game show called “Name that Customer.”  The customers obviously loved and appreciated it by the looks on their faces.  I could tell that it made each of them feel like they were important which is what we should always strive to do.  Good job Michelle!!

Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest sound in any language; it is a badge of individuality.  Remembering someone’s name could mean the difference between closing a sale or blowing the deal. It can also be the difference between making an important connection or being forgotten as soon as you leave the room.

In summary, remembering a person’s name is one of the best business moves you’ll ever make.




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  1. meimanagers

    Rachel, This is so true. When April helped us she was also amazed by Michelle. She will call out customers name to me and the customer is not even out of the car yet. Michelle your customers truly care for you. Kim 🙂

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