Manager’s Meeting

We will be meeting again today to make final preparations for tomorrow’s manager meeting.  I hope that we are not only able to bring new ideas to the table but also are able to re-energize your drive to succeed in areas that are covered at every meeting.  Although I have only been with the Company for a year now (wow time has flown!), I always look forward to any Company functions that involve a group of us getting together.  Not only do I always take away something new and receive a re-charge to my motivation but I also love getting to see everyone and catch up on what has happened since I last saw you.  I guess you could say it’s like a family reunion without the drama and crazy relatives!

My part of the meeting will involve presenting the updated policy and procedure manuals.  I hope that these manuals will be a useful tool as we move towards a standardization of our procedures.  I want to say a special thank you to those who helped me make the final edits to the manuals – Bellena, Shauna, Kim, Michelle and Michele.  You ladies are awesome!!  Bellena, Michelle and Michele took a lot of time going though the manuals and making final corrections.   I would have never gotten everything done without their help.

Have a great day!



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