Manager’s Luncheon

025We had a great luncheon yesterday for the managers who hit their September goal. Pictured above are (back row, L to R) Joyce Williams- Saltillo, Felicia Gilleylen-Okolona, Bellena Criddle-Amory MM; Lakisha Rogers-Camden, Michelle Williams-Hamilton, Heather Brewington-Coldwater, Christie Nuckols-Fayette (fron row, L to R) Renay Tate-Aberdeen, Janet Phillips-Aliceville, Lynn Murphree-Amory CTE, Dena Ellis-Horn Lake, Gladys Hutchison-Kosciusko, Charlon Harrison-Vernon

Have a great Thursday!





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  1. Luke Montgomery

    I enjoyed the luncheon and was glad to see everyone.

  2. Dorrice Griffin

    Great Job Ladies! WAY TO GO =)

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