Making a Match at Money Matters

If you have ever visited with Hope and Deborah in Belmont, you know that they practically wrote the book on customer service and their customers love them in return. A couple of weeks ago, I happen to be in the office when a title customer came in beaming with happiness as she talked about how well her current relationship was going and how excited she was about the future. What I didn’t know at the time was that Hope and Deborah were the matchmakers! Of course, I had to get the scoop on this one! Hope said that she always came in the store talking about how she was tired of not being treated right and how she needed Hope and Deborah to find her a good guy. Well, Hope and Deborah started thinking of who they knew and thought of a customer on the check side who was always so nice and respectful. They told her about him and she was interested….. they told him about her and he was interested. It turns out he had not dated anyone in eight years! They started face booking each other, then talking on the phone and now planning their future together. If you could have only seen the look of happiness on that customer’s face that day….

Thanks to Hope and Deborah for sharing this story with me and for the great work that both of you do!



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  1. Luke M

    I think that most definitely falls in the “Above and Beyond” category. Thanks for taking such great care of your customers Hope and Deborah!

  2. Tracy Floyd

    How sweet! Great job on the match making ladies 😉

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