LeBonheur trip

LB trip OctI would like to thank Alise, Demetrici, Kim and JonJon for making the trip to LeBohneur Children’s Hospital this past weekend.  The stuffed animals were a hit with the children and the food items were greatly appreciated by the parents.  It was a very special day for all involved.  – Luke


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank,

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  1. Heather Hogue

    Great job ladies!!! Wish I could have attended! Everyone should attend at least once, the experience is amazing!

  2. Angela Blankenship

    I wish I could have made it! It’s such a rewarding experience! Thanks girls for representing our company!!

  3. Janna K Tolar

    Thanks Ladies for representing our Company in such a great way! I won’t miss the next visit!

  4. Kim Wright

    Great trip! We got to see 4-5 floors this time. If you have not been before I encourage you to try and make the next trip. Heather, Janna, and Angela, we missed having ya’ll!!!

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