Le Bonheur Trip

This past Saturday we made our annual Christmas visit to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. As always, it was a very humbling and gratifying experience. Thank you to Laken, Chelsea, Anglea, Dorrice, Dena and her daughter for making the trip! Have a great day!  Meredith

Angela and Chelsea
Angela and Chelsea

Le Bonheur Dec. 2014

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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Thank You Ladies! Great job!

  2. kim wright

    I hate I had to miss it. Thanks ti each of you for going and representing MEI. Merry Christmas!

  3. Lynn Johnson

    Great job, Ladies! I am proud to be affiliated with this company for many things, and certainly for the efforts put forth in helping the children and families of LeBonheur.

  4. Chelsea Caygle

    I had a blast as always! It really is a fun and gratifying experience! Anyone who has not attended, I encourage you to go at least once. It is well worth your time! Again thanks Luke for the opportunity!

  5. Angela Blankenship

    It was so much fun! And like Chelsea said if you get a chance to go, everyone should go at least once! It’s such a rewarding experience!

  6. Dorrice Griffin

    The best part was walking into the room with Laken where the baby was attemting to climb out of the bed and seeing his mom light up because she was one of Laken’s customers! I had great time…it was a great start to my birthday!

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