One newsletter I read on a weekly basis is “Work Is Not For Sissies” by Glenn Shepard, whom many of you have heard speak on collections and management.  Glenn’s newsletter this week addressed self-esteem and more importantly the significance of surrounding yourself with High Quality People (HQP).  Glenn explains we all go through periods in our lives when we get “knocked down” and our self confidence gets rattled.  These are the moments we rely on the HQP we have surrounded ourselves with to help pick us up.

One way to attract more HQP into your life is to lead by example and become the kind of HQP that constantly encourages and lifts other up.  Glenn’s newsletter lead me to some self assessing this week- When was the last time I let someone who was “knocked down” know that I believe in them?  Are my daily actions helping lift people up or helping knock people down?

I believe by focusing on becoming a HQP and surrounding ourselves with HQP we will see great improvement in our personal and professional lives.

No one can be great at everything, but everyone can be great at something- Glenn Shepard

Have a great day….Louis


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