“Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work we go”

Did you know that over 40% of our waking hours are spent at work?

There are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year that equals 8760 hours.

On an average we sleep 8 hours a day X 365 days equals 2920 hours in a year.

That leaves us with 5840 waking hours. Of those waking hour we are at work approximately 9 hours a day. That equals 2340 hours at work in a year. That leaves us with 3500 hours away from work a year.

Since we spend 40% of our time at work the work environment is critical to being a successful store. I am sure you have noticed the environment when you walk into a business. Your first impressions or feeling you get sets the tone for your visit into that business. You can tell whether the people working are upbeat and positive or down and negative.

The work environment is what you make it. Ask yourself these questions.

In your stores do you find: “Debbie Downer”, “Negative Nancy”, “Whining Whitney” or ”Lazy Lucy” or do your find “Positive Patsy” , “Motivated Monica”, “Cheerful Chelsey” or “Smiling Samantha”?

We each decide each day what we will bring to the work place. So it is up to each one of us to set the tone for our stores. A positive and energetic work environment breeds success into a store.  On the other hand, a negative and no since of urgency breeds a poor work environment and in turn poor performance.

Challenge yourself each day to make that 40% of your time a positive one.

Do you “Whistle While You Work”?



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