Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you and your families all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I found a poem about The First Thanksgiving that I thought I would share!

The First Thanksgiving

The Pilgrim Fathers began it all
This holiday that arrives in fall
On that first Thanksgiving Day
They celebrated a harvest and come what may
What was it like in the beginning
did they sit at a loom just spinning and spinning?
Could they even imagine holiday sales
Or were they too preoccupied with their own travails
Did they watch a football game?
Or perhaps lacrosse, of Indian fame
Did they attend the Macy’s Parade?
Or just spread their bread with marmalade
Things have changed from that first Thanksgiving
But still we strive to make a living
In order that we might receive
The blessings and bounty of the life we weave

Happy Thanksgiving…Louis

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  1. Michelle & Michele

    I enjoyed that…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  2. Gladys Hutchison

    Great poem, enjoyed it. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful thanksgiving 🙂

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