Great Job Rachel!!!

This past Thursday (the 3rd) Amanda, Alise and Tiffany at Fulton were swamped, as they usually are on the third. Amanda was gone to lunch and Tiffany and Alise were both on the title side helping customers. Rachel came to the front to ask a question and noticed a lady waiting on the check side. Rachel immediately put her papers down and began serving the customer without thinking twice. She stayed with the customer and worked on her transaction until Alise became available to help. I know first hand how busy Rachel is and the fact that she went out of her way and beyond her job duties to help a customer shows just how awesome she is. Great job to Rachel on being a perfect example of the kind of employees we strive to have.

Way to go Rachel! Rachel

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Alise Dill

    Thank you, Rachel!! You’re awesome:)

  2. Gladys Hutchison

    Rachel is amazing in everything she does 🙂 Always helps others with their needs.

  3. Laken Graham

    Rachel is always willing to help! Such a joy to work with!

  4. Tiffany Johnson

    Thanks Rachel, We appreciate you!!


    GREAT JOB RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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