Great Job!

One of the most common blog topics centers around the importance of having goals.  Today I want to recognize a group of guys who accomplished their goals for the month of January.  Randy, Joe, Andrew, and Zack at M&M Garage are responsible for processing new inventory and taking care of the warranty work for Approved Auto.  They were able to accomplished their goal last month of the number of cars processed through the shop.  As with any worthy goal, the guys were not able to achieve it without a little adversity.  We experienced abnormally cold weather in the month of January which led to an increase in the number of warranty issues they were having to turn their attention to.  By being able to take care of these issues as well as keep the inventory full on our lots we are able to use our capital to replace inventory instead of paying outside mechanics to work on our warranty issues.  Congrats on a very successful month!

Aim high!  It is no harder on your gun to shoot the feathers off an eagle than to shoot the fur off a skunk.  -Troy Moore

Have a Great Day….Louis

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    and it has been COLD COLD COLD….Good job on making it thru the coldest month on record!

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