Good Luck to the Dashers

This morning I want to congratulate the winners of our office growth competition that ended last week.  The competition was lots of fun and wildly successful!

Good luck to Lynn, April, Johnna, Keisha, Julie and Mattie in their Mall Dash!  I hope you have a blast spending your $500 within thirty minutes!

Prior to the start of the competition the district managers and I all estimated the growth we would see during the competition and, I am glad to say, we all underestimated our potential.  Our success during the competition just shows that when we put our mind to something and dedicate ourselves to a common cause we can do things beyond our imagination.  Thanks to all of you for making the competition such a huge success.  I look forward to our next exciting competition!  —  Luke

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”  Jeff Rich

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