Find someone doing something right

To improve performance most would think, you must be focused on areas where employees are doing things wrong. It is not to say that we must overlook areas that need improvement, but there is another way to improve performance.

Instead of always looking for someone doing something wrong, find someone doing something right. By recognizing someone doing something right you are promoting the behavior you expect. When someone is noticed doing something right others take notice. Ask yourself have you ever seen someone other than yourself being recognized for their performance? How did it make you feel? Most would say I want to be recognized too.  In turn those not recognized will begin to alter their behavior to fit those that were.

Over the last few weeks I have been able to find people doing things right:

Christie and Susan in Fayette – they both have been helping out the Hamilton store. They have offered their time and effort to help a store in need. They both have been training a new hire, again offering their time and effort. Doing something right!

Tracie from Kim’s area – She also has been helping out in Hamilton. She has offered her support and time to help the store get back to where it should be. Doing something right!

Stephanie and Kelly – Both of these ladies have given their time and effort to help out in Camden and Greensboro. They have taken time away from their store to help others. They are also going to be training a new hire for the next few weeks. Doing something right!

Tracy – A customer came into the Tuscaloosa store needing a title loan, his car was in the shop across the street. She found a way to do the loan instead of a way not too. She spoke to the mechanic and he was more than eager to help. She was able to do the loan, and has begun to develop a new business relationship for the store. Doing something right!

Finding someone doing something right is rewarding not only to those that receive the recognition, but also for those that have observed it.


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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Thanks for the update Tommy! Thanks also to all of you for doing something right!

  2. Louis

    Great blog Tommy! I would say this blog is an example of “Doing something right”

  3. Demika Ross

    Great job ladies and a great blog Tommy 🙂

  4. meimanagers

    Great job ladies! Great blog Tommy!

  5. Alise Dill

    Great job ladies!!! Love this blog, Tommy!!

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