Drumroll Please………..

To celebrate an outstanding  year and an equally outstanding boss, a contribution is being made to the First Foundation in Luke’s name.  Luke, this is just a small token of appreciation for all that you do.  On behalf of all the employees at Montgomery Enterprises, I would like to say thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.  Every successful team has someone terrific like you leading from the front.  Merry Christmas and we are all looking forward to a fabulous 2014!



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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Wow!! Thanks everybody! A donation to the FIRST Foundation is the best Christmas gift I could possibly get. Thanks for the kind words also Rachel.

    I had a great time last Saturday evening at the Christmas party. . . it was great seeing everybody.

  2. Crystal Dabbs

    Thank you for all you do. I had a fantastic time at the Christmas party!!

  3. Angela Blankenship

    Thank you Luke for everything you do for us!

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