Don’t bunt…..Aim out of the ballpark!!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Amanda in Fulton had written a quote on her dry erase board in their office that said…”Don’t bunt….Aim out of the ballpark.”  Having been a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan all of my life, I particularly loved that the quote related to baseball.  I can think of several instances in a tight game in which one of our best players was coming up to bat and a decision had to be made by both teams.  Should our manager let the player go for the big hit or should he play it safe and have the player bunt in order to advance the runners?  Should the opposing team intentionally walk the batter, change pitchers or just hope for the pitcher to deliver his best pitches?  In life as in baseball, we don’t always know the right choice to make in these situations.  However, with customer service and in our daily work, I believe it is always the best choice to aim out of the ballpark.  The ladies at the Fulton office have done just that over the past few months.  I have seen Amanda and Alise go out of their way to help customers on many occasions.  I have also seen firsthand how committed both of them are to doing the best job possible on a daily basis.  I also look forward to working with Nicole and seeing how far all of them can aim out of the ballpark!


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  1. Amanda Johnson

    Thank you so much Rachel….I couldn’t ask for a better team!

  2. Nicole

    Aww! Thank you Rachel! You are so sweet:) I also look forward to working with you & getting to know you better! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Amanda

    Thank you so much Rachel….I couldn’t ask for a better team!!

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