Customer Retention

I recently read a blog that was discussing pointers on how a company should always be trying to improve their customer experience.  One of the pointers was entitled  “Retention.”  The writer noted that many businesses are so busy attracting new customers to come to their front door, they don’t take care of the customers leaving out their back door.  A recent visit to our store in Belmont immediately came to my mind.  I spent the day with Deborah and observed her gladly doing several things for existing customers that go a long way in retaining a customer’s business.  She had brought cookies and was offering them to customers especially those with small kids.  A customer had some questions about a title so she picked up the phone and called the courthouse for him in order to get the questions resolved.  She offered to bring the paperwork to the car for a customer who had recently been in the hospital.    I have observed a lot of you doing similar things that exemplify customer service at its best.  Keep up the good work and remember that if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will!

I look forward to visiting with more of you very soon.


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  1. Chelsea Wooley

    I just love Ms Deb! She’s always so sweet!

  2. Michelle & Michele

    Way to go!!…I expect NOTHING less of you…You are ALWAYS kind to everyone!!!!

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