Closing the Gap between Ordinary and Extraordinary

This year, my hope is that we all strive to embody the five values in our company vision and value statement.  To me each value whether its superior in the industry, prosperous team members, effective productivity, shining examples of cleanliness or champions of customer service, these values can only be accomplished by moving from being an ordinary employee to an extraordinary employee.  I recently read a n online blog written by the John Maxwell Company that talked about how the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is shorter than you think.  I found it to be very inspiring and wanted to share with all of you.

Here are some “extras” that can help you close the gap between ordinary and extraordinary:

A little extra effort. There is a price to be paid for achievement. Sometimes it’s a large price. But sometimes just a little extra effort can yield significant results. What price are you willing to pay for success?

A little extra time. To give something time, we need something other than perseverance. We need patience with the process of growth.  Leaders develop daily, not in a day.

A little extra help. Many types of success can only be achieved with help. If you refuse to ask for – or accept – it, you limit yourself and your work to a lower level of achievement.

Remember that ordinary and extraordinary are not far apart. If you accomplish just one of the above “extras,” your work will begin to be above average in that area.

If Ordinary People …

Gave a Little Extra Effort,

Spent a Little Extra Time,

Sought a Little Extra Help …

They Would Become Extraordinary!


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