Christmas at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

LB christmas 15

L to R: Callie Lee, Candy Lee, Chloe House, Jana Humphries, Chris Humphries (Santa), Drew Wright, Tiffany Johnson, Skyler Humphries, Kim Wright, Alise Dill and Laken McNatt.

MEI Volunteers had a wonderful year end visit to LeBonheur on Saturday, December 5th.

Thank you to all of the 2015 MEI employees who have donated their time on Saturdays to make our quarterly trips to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital.

The Easter Bunny, Super Heroes, Santa and his helpers delivered over 350 stuffed animals, 75 blankets, 100+ goodies from Bath and Body Works and LOTS of S-M-I-L-E-S!!!

 “The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution.  When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.” – Kurek Ashley

2015 MEI Volunteers

Alise Dill, Fulton Money Matters

Angela Blankenship, Baldwyn Money Matters

Candy Lee, Accounting

Chris Humphries, Choice Pawn

Jana Humphries, Accounting

JonJon Suggs, Home Office

Kim Wright, District 2 Manager

Renada Dandridge, Olive Branch Money Matters

Tiffany Johnson, Fulton Money Matters

Summer Ledbetter , Hernando Money Matters

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  1. Heather Hogue

    Great job ladies!!! Sorry I couldn’t make it! What a blessing this is!

  2. Lynn Johnson

    Thank you for the great blessing for these families. I am sure you each felt blessed just to be able to be there with them. I am so thankful for our company’s participation.

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