Recently the management team read a book “Winning” by Jack Welch. Jack was the CEO of GE. During his tenure from 1981-2001 GE’s company value rose 4000%. To say he was an outstanding leader is an understatement.

One of Jack’s main philosophies is what he called the dirty little secret “Candor.” If candor is missing in the work place, people will not know where they stand, or what they need to do to improve. At times candor can be difficult, but had you rather have someone be honest about your performance or sugar coat it and you get blindsided? For each of us to become the best, we must be honest with ourselves.

Am I giving 110% everyday?

What can I do more to be more productive?

Do I go the extra mile?

Do I want to be the best at what I do, or just get by and collect a check?

Do I hold myself and my teammates accountable?

Candor can be difficult, but it will also set you on a path to success in everything you do.

Candor : The word candor means honest and frank expression.

  • Cease what      you are doing. Count to 10. Take a break. Do what you have to do to cool      down.
  • Ask      yourself, what is going on? How many people are involved? What exactly is happening?     
  • Name the      problem as you see it. Describe it to the others without blaming anyone.      Adding fuel to the fire is an easy way to get burned.
  • Discover a      problem-solving plan with those involved. Make a compromise. Ask another person not involved for an opinion.
  • Operate      that plan. Put it into effect with the cooperation of the others involved.      Make sure everyone involved knows the problem-solving plan.
  • Re-evaluate      the plan. Often people do not complete the process of putting a plan of      action in place because they feel better after talking things over or they      get distracted. When the problem arises again, they think their      problem-solving efforts have been wasted. Instead, resolve to use the      plan.

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be” Jack Welch


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