Becoming Re-Energized

I recently read that Gallup research shows that only 13% of workers worldwide are
actively engaged in their jobs, meaning they’re psychologically committed to
doing their best and likely to make a strong contribution.  If that is truly
the case, we all have a tremendous opportunity to set ourselves apart from the
average employee.  However, even the most engaged employee needs to be
re-energized from time to time.  Management camp did that very thing for
me last week.  A huge thanks to Meredith for all her hard work and to all
of those who spoke – it truly re-energized me!  I look forward to all of
you getting to attend the camp in future months.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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  1. Gladys Hutchison

    I always look forward to any classes or training the company offers. One, to get to see and learn more about my co-workers, that I do not get to have face to face very often and to learn new things and “re-vamp” so to speak about ideas for the future of growth.

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