Anniversary Milestone Luncheon

Pictured left to right: Luke Montgomery, Rachel Soper, Jana Humphries, Rhonda Vernon, Demika Ross, Johnna Coffey, Angela Blankenship, Deborah Wood, Susan Sudduth, Sonia O’Conner, Louis Lee and Wendy Watson.

Anniversary Milestones:
11 Years – Wendy Watson, Money Matters, Macon, MS
11 Years – Demika Ross, Money Matters, Aberdeen, MS
10 Years – Johnna Coffey, Money Matters, Amory, MS
10 Years – Jana Humphries, Accounting
10 Years – Rhonda Vernon, Money Matters, Macon, MS
9 Years – Angela Blankenship, Money Matters, Baldwyn, MS
8 Years – Sonia O’Conner, Money Matters, Horn Lake, MS
8 Years – Deborah Wood, Money Matters, Belmont, MS
6 Years – Susan Sudduth, Money Matters, Fayette, AL
5 Years – Louis Lee, Vice President, MEI
5 Years – Rachel Soper, Controller

Thank you each for your hard work and dedication to Montgomery Enterprises. – Luke

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