Are two heads better than one?

An old English proverb simply states “Some tasks may be accomplished more easily by two (or more) people working together than by one working alone.”  I found this to be very true over the past couple of weeks and wanted to thank two very special people for this:  Stephanie Strable and Laken Graham.

Stephanie accompanied me on a recent audit.  Her knowledge of the daily work that is done at our Money Matters stores was a tremendous asset.  She would continue going through files while I researched an issue or vice versa.  We worked as a team and the day was very productive. I want to thank her for her hard work and dedication!

Laken and I spent an extensive amount of time working on reconciling and updating reports generated from their new software at Approved.  We printed countless numbers of reports and calculated and re-calculated during the week.  I enjoyed working with her so much as we solved each issue together.  Her knowledge of the business is vast and a great resource for me!

So, yes the old English proverb is true- two heads are better than one!!


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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Great post Rachel. Thanks for the great job Laken and Stephanie!

  2. Laken Graham

    Thanks Rachel! It is always a joy working with you! Great Job Stephanie!

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