A Little Excitement At the Home Office

BUILDING 4This past Thursday a customer at our home office had an issue with his breaks as he was pulling into the parking lot. He jumped the sidewalk, hit the brick, and went through the glass beside Luke’s office. Luckily Luke was out of his office and no one was hurt. Have a great Monday!


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  1. Lynn Johnson

    I think it is great when your service is so good that the customers can’t wait to get into the building!

  2. Chelsea Caygle

    It’s a good thing Luke wasn’t in his office! I don’t know about him but I would have had a slight HEART ATTACK!

  3. Gladys Hutchison

    Thank the Lord Luke was not in his office and no one was hurt because it looks pretty bad. Makes me thankful my parking lot has all the parking to an angle instead of straight into the office.

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