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District 4 was fortunate enough to have the highest overall percent over budget in February, and due to this our district was awarded $250 to be given to a charity. I wanted to give back to one of our communities in our district. I chose Aliceville as that community. I contacted Janet and Brenda and asked if they would be interested. They were both very excited about giving back to their community. We contacted the First United Methodist Church in Aliceville. This church runs “The Lord’s Pantry” in Aliceville. Each month they open their pantry for those in need.

Janet and I awarded our gift to the Church on March 28th. What a wonderful experience it was to give back to those that needed it the most. This was made possible by the generosity of Montgomery Enterprises. A Helping Hand.

After awarding this gift, it got me to thinking. When I first entered this industry, over 13 years ago, many people would ask me “why would you work for a place like that.” At first I would respond I just needed a job, trying to avoid having to explain our industry. I really wasn’t sure what type of people would use our service. After a few months I began to see things I did not expect.

What I saw was a single mom just trying to get by and needing our help. I saw the elderly with fixed incomes needing a few dollars to get by until their next check. I saw a family when their income got cut in half, because one of the parents lost their job. I saw hardworking people needing a car repair to be able to get to work. I saw a mother with no money needing to buy food for their family. I saw a family with a sick child needing money to take the child to the doctor.

My eyes had been opened that this was more than just a job. When that question about what I did came up again, my response changed. “I help those in need, when there isn’t anywhere else to turn.”

We all have a great opportunity every day to help those that need it most. Approach each customer every day with A Helping Hand and you find a great reward in what you do.


Helping Hand

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali

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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Way to go District 4! Excellent post Tommy!

  2. louis

    Congrats District 4! Tommy-Thanks for that blog. It helped get my day off to an excellent start!

  3. Angela Blankenship

    Wonderful blog Tommy!! What a great way for all of us to think about our job! Happy Friday!

  4. Amy Alexander

    Great blog Tommy!! Congrats District 4!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Demika Ross

    Way to go District 4 and great motivation blog to get this draery day started.

  6. Gladys Hutchison

    Congrats District 4.. Loved the blog so inspirational to get the day started off. Thanks for sharing.

  7. LaTessa Blissard

    Great job to all who are in District 4! Also what an excellent way to give back to the community!

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