A Fresh Look

During Kim’s presentation on office appearance at our last manager’s meeting she encouraged everyone to take a fresh look at their office.  By stepping back and taking a fresh look at our offices we will notice things that we overlook on a daily basis that could be hindering the appearance of the office.

Luke and I spent yesterday afternoon meeting with Bradley Rodgers.  Bradley operates a couple of businesses similar to us in Arkansas.  I was excited about hearing some of Bradley’s new ideas and changes he is implementing in his business and discussing how they could also benefit us.  I was also very anxious to have Bradley do a walk through at Simple Pawn and Approved Auto to get his input on these two stores.  It had been over a year since Bradley last visited them.  Bradley noticed several things, both positive and negative, that I had been overlooking, even though I visit these stores on a daily basis.  I encourage you to not only take a fresh look yourself, but get the opinion of someone that isn’t in your office everyday.

Have a great Wednesday…Louis

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