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On Friday the 27th we had our Customer appreciation day in Greensboro, Alabama. Like all of our CAD’s days it started with a lot of work and preparation. The hot dogs were cooking and customers began to come by and visit, getting a bite to eat and signing up for the TV give away. This CAD started out just like all the ones before. We all enjoyed seeing our customers and even some potential new customers. One customer, Eva Laffiete, her husband and her 86 year old mother stopped by, they stayed and visited with all of us until Mrs. Eva had to take her mother to the bank. They were so nice to all of us.

As the day began to end we drew for the TV. When we pulled out the name it could not have been better, it was Mrs. Eva that had won the TV. We called Mrs. Eva and asked her to come down to the store. We were hoping for a surprise so we did not tell Mrs. Eva she had won, just that we needed to see her. We were all standing in the lobby when Mrs. Eva her Husband and her mother walked in to the store. We surprised her with the news she had won. The look on her face was priceless, tears began rolling down her face and the joy was overwhelming. She could not believe she had won. Tears were flowing and she began to make it around the room to each of us with a hug and a kiss. Mrs. Eva had made the day memorable just as we had done for her.  In all my years of serving customers this was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had. This just reinforces how we can touch lives every day.


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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Great story Tommy!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tracie Lombardo

    Mr and Mrs Lafitte are the sweetest customers I have ever met. They both are good hearted people and I am happy to hear they won. If any customer is deserving of that, it is those two 🙂

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