Time isn’t Wasted in Aliceville!

I have seen many studies over the years about how much employees “goof off” or “waste” time at work.  As I was doing an audit in Aliceville this past Friday, the thought occurred to me that whoever was doing one of those studies never completed one while working with Janet and Brenda.  Wow is all that I can say.  As Janet was leaving for lunch, she was telling Brenda a few things to do while she was gone and as she was coming back in the door from lunch she was asking Brenda if she had taken care of those things.  While I am sitting in the chair trying to recover from the awesome food I just had from the restaurant next door, Gates, they never missed a beat.  On the phone, making notes, updating their database, asking me questions that had come to their mind. Oh and did I mention their audit was near perfect? Coincidence? I don’t think so! Way to go Janet and Brenda!!


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  1. Luke Montgomery

    Very impressive Janet and Brenda. Great job!

  2. Jana House

    That is wonderful ladies, great job!

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