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This past Monday I sat in and participated on the morning conference call with the managers in district 3 and thought I would share my message from that call with the rest of the team via the blog today.

On the call I explained to everyone that it is understandable if our company’s move to working off of budgets was an unsettling transition for them.  It has actually been fairly stressful for all those involved and I described three phases that many of us who developed the budgets went through over the past few months.

The first phase, which is when we made the commitment to develop budgets, could be described as stressful and uncomfortable.  For a somewhat small company this seemed like a daunting task that, if not done properly, could be painful.  These feelings lasted only until we actually quit worrying and got to work on preparing the budgets.

The second phase saw us grow more comfortable with the budgeting process yet we were still somewhat uneasy.  However, as we dug deeper into the process we felt a small sense of relief and the more we worked on them the more our anxiety began to fade.  We knew that with the amount of effort the accounting department and management team had dedicated to getting the budgets right that we were going to be successful.

The final phase occurred after the budgets were completed and ready to roll out.  As we were reviewing every office’s budget multiple times while finalizing the budgets we started to become excited about how effective the budgets would be for the company.  I have no doubt that as many of you grow more familiar with the budgeting process you too will become excited about working off budgets.  I am sure many of you are not quite to that “excited” phase yet but I feel sure you will be in time.

As I mentioned, once we got to work in developing the budgets we found ourselves less stressed.  That’s really the way it goes. . . the harder you work the less you worry! —Luke

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”  Thomas Fuller




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  1. Chelsea Caygle

    This is almost the exact conversation that Kim and I had yesterday. I told her how stressed and worried I was about the budgets initially. However, after our first conference call this past Monday, I was excited about where our office was among rankings and budget.

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