>Uncommon Courtesy

>I just finished a book titled “Not So Common Courtesy” that deals with the fact that, unfortunately, common courtesy is not quite so common anymore. I was reminded of this at the high school football game I attended last Friday night.

Not far from where I was sitting was a group of people who were attending the game to see family and friends play. However, instead of being there to cheer on their family, they seemed more passionate about pointing out all of the mistakes made by anyone on our team. Often they would ridicule a player loud enough for everyone in the stands to hear.

At least the players didn’t get it as bad as the coaches. Apparently, these folks in the stands know a lot more about football than any of the coaches. I guess these people in the stands that do all the hollering spend their days studying game films and defensive formations. They must have a busy life.

Now, if a person plans on going into the coaching field or plans to play football, they need to be prepared to blow off a good deal of smart remarks coming from the stands. They made the decision to coach or play so they should have known what to expect. Also, a fan has paid money to watch the game so they should be able to voice their opinion to an extent.

However, it makes for a long night for all those around when someone constantly criticizes and complains all night at the top of their lungs. I think the quote for today says it best.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.” Benjamin Franklin

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